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Melbourne driver sentenced after blaming Tesla auto-pilot for hit and run

A Melbourne driver has been sentenced to nine months in jail after falsely blaming the autopilot feature in her Tesla for a hit-and-run that left a 26-year-old woman with permanent brain injuries.

Sakshi Agrawl struck a young nurse when she stepped out into the road to board a tram in Melbourne’s inner southeast.

She spent two years fighting the dangerous driving charges falsely blaming the car’s autopilot feature before entering a guilty plea last month.

The plea comes after a police investigation revealed the autopilot option was switched off just 30 seconds before the incident occurred and the vehicle sped up to 80 kilometres an hour afterwards.

Judge Rozen said “You did not stop and assist as is required by law and common decency”

"I cannot be satisfied that you left the scene to protect yourself … I accept your counsel's submission that you panicked”

Before adding…

"You were 23 at the time of the offending, you have your entire adult life ahead of you," "Your prospects of rehabilitation are excellent."

"The tragic reality is this court sees far too many cases just like this one."

"A message must be sent "


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