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Melbourne earthquake shows 6 News commitment to live coverage of breaking news

6 News was the only Australian news outlet on-air with coverage of the 4.6-magnitude quake.

When a 4.6-magnitude earthquake shook Melbourne at 1:32am AEST, 6 News was the only news outlet on-air with live coverage keeping local and national viewers informed.

6 News National Affairs editor Austin Pollock says this shows our commitment to coverage of breaking news, including major stories overseas.

"We've covered the death of Queen Elizabeth II, we've covered the resignations of multiple UK Prime Ministers - more recently we had rolling coverage of the Wagner rebellion in Russia while other outlets were being criticised for the lack of coverage."

As the second half of 2023 begins, 6 News will expand our reporting with an additional focus on breaking news - but still ensuring accuracy and impartiality.

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