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Misinformation about the Devonport jumping castle tragedy spreads online

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Multiple images of previous jumping castle incidents have been used instead of real ones taken recently.

Even in a tragedy where 6 children have died - misinformation about what happened at Hillcrest Primary School continues to spread online.

Let’s make this clear: there is NO footage of the incident that we can independently verify, nor would we show the footage.

However, others are using old images of previous jumping castle incidents and trying to pass them off as something that happened in Devonport.

Here’s one example: a screenshot from a video showing the jumping castle mid-air - but it’s actually from China in 2019, where 2 children were killed and scores injured after a so-called ‘dust devil’ lifted the jumping castle into air.

6 News actually discovered that when searching the term “bouncy castle” on Twitter, it was the third result.

We also found another example - again, a screenshot from a video just seconds before the jumping castle left the ground.

But, like the last one, it’s an old video - this time from 2017, where kids were tossed through the air as wind flipped the jumping castle at a children’s party in Mexico.

Watch our full report here.

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