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Moira Deeming refutes John Pesutto claim that she condemned Let Women Speak rally figures

Pesutto claimed Deeming "specifically" condemned comments made by Kellie-Jay Keen and Angie Jones.

Victorian MP Moira Deeming appears to have refuted a claim made by Liberal leader John Pesutto that she condemned key figures at a 'Let Women Speak' rally that's at the centre of her suspension from the party.

Deeming was today suspended for 9 months after a motion was initially put forward to expel her from the parliamentary party.

Speaking to reporters, Pesutto said Deeming "specifically" condemned comments made by Kellie-Jay Keen, also known as Posie Parker, and rally organiser Jones, according to The Guardian.

The comments were part of a 15-page dossier sent to MPs and made public.

"That’s what I wanted all along. I wanted it to be condemned, and she’s done that," Pesutto said.

"It would be different if there we no concessions from Moira."

"The new material she supplied this morning opened the doorway to a sensible proposal that I put to the party room that saw her accept the nine months (suspension), losing the party whip position as well."

"Given Moira had provided what I had been seeking and recognised why it was important to do that."

"The conduct that I wanted condemned has been condemned."

But now, Deeming has said on Twitter that she has never condemned Jones, Keen or 'KD,' likely referring to ex-Liberal candidate Katherine Deves.

"I never said those things anywhere," Deeming said.

The Herald Sun has now released Deeming's "comprehensive rejection of John Pesutto's case against her, which "appears to contradict claims by Pesutto that she made important new concessions that convinced him expulsion was not required."

It took 2 hours for Victorian Liberal MPs to finish their meeting this morning.

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