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Morrison refuses to shake hands with Bill Shorten? We've got a picture that tells a different story

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

The picture has spread online following Grace Tame's frosty meeting with the PM.

An image circulating online purports to show Prime Minister Scott Morrison refusing to shake the hand of then-Opposition Leader Bill Shorten - but we've found 2 more pictures that tell a different story.

The image was taken on February 13, 2019, a day after the Morrison suffered what was described as a "historic defeat" after Labor and the crossbench passed the Medevac bill.

The viral image shows Shorten extending his hand out for a handshake, with Morrison not appearing to want to shake back.

It's spread online following Grace Tame's frosty meeting with the PM, where the outgoing Australian of the Year appeared unsmiling outside the Lodge.

The Morrison-Shorten image has been accompanied with captions suggesting the PM was ignoring the former Labor leader, while others said he flat out refused to shake hands.

But that's not true.

We've found 2 further images of the meeting - one showing Morrison just about to shake hands, and another clearly showing them in a handshake.

While we're not suggesting the PM was "polite" or "mutually accepting" as some have suggested - the 2 additional photos disprove the claim that he refused to shake hands.

Nick Haggarty, who's name is on the ABC website alongside the photo, also said this:

In addition, we've also seen some claims at the photo was taken at the funeral of former PM Bob Hawke, which is also not true - the photo was taken inside Parliament House.


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