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Old photos of Scott Morrison presented as new amid flood crisis & Russia-Ukraine War

Bogus claims about the Prime Minister often spread fair & wide on social media.

A number of images of PM Scott Morrison with maps have been reposted without context on social media - some not explicitly saying they were old, while others falsely presented them as recent.

The images have come to light amid the ongoing flood crisis in Queensland & NSW, as well as the Russia-Ukraine War.

They also spread after the PM tested positive for COVID-19.

Let's look at some of these images:

This image was posted recently by a number of accounts with large followings on Twitter - but it's actually from 2 years ago.

When the image is flipped, you can clearly make out the words 'Kangaroo Island,' and Getty Images tells us it was from January 8, 2020 - with this caption saying the following:

"Prime Minister Scott Morrison is seen visiting the Defence Staging Ground at Kingscote Airport on Kangaroo Island, southwest of Adelaide."

The AAP has also got the same photo on their website, with the same date attached.

Here's another example - showing Mr Morrison in front of a map of parts of NSW.

Some users have mocked him citing the image, claiming he was pointing at the "wrong location" and believing it was an image taken amid the ongoing flood crisis in multiple states.

But, like the last image we showed you, it's from 2020 - specifically, January 5.

The AAP says that it shows the PM "(taking) a look at a map of the South Coast area impacted by bushfire during an operational update at HMAS Albatross in Nowra."

The question then remains - who's spreading these images in 2022?

Marque Lawyers, who have a Twitter account with over 44K followers, have posted both these images over the past week.

Never did they explicitly state they were old images, nor did they claim they were recent.

However, we've seen countless tweets - both in reply to @marquelawyers & stand-alone posts - claiming the photos are recent.

In addition, we've seen multiple claims that the Prime Minister's Office has released the photos recently.

There is no evidence to back that claim up.

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