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Qantas app users fall victim to privacy breach

Qantas has apologised to its customers after a technical issue impacted their app. 

Customers reported seeing boarding passes, frequent flyer information, and the personal details of other Qantas customers on their app.

It was first discovered at around 9am yesterday, with Qantas soon resolving the issue, saying there were no reports of customers using boarding passes to board an aircraft they shouldnt have been on. 

In a statement from Qantas Group they said "This didn’t include financial information, and no customers were able to transfer or use the Qantas Points of other frequent flyers.

We have processes in place to make sure that customers were not able to board flights using the boarding pass of another customer and there were no reports of this happening.

We sincerely apologise to all customers impacted and continue to monitor the Qantas app closely."


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