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'Radicalised' teen armed with knife shot dead by police in WA

Updated: May 6

A 16-year-old boy who was allegedly wielding a kitchen knife was shot dead by police.

Authorities have shot dead a teenager who stabbed another man in Perth.

The incident unfolded after 11:30 pm on Saturday on High Street, Willetton, in the city's south. Police say they received an emergency call from a teenager saying that he was going to commit acts of violence. Soon after, they responded to calls that a man had been stabbed in a Bunnings carpark in Willetton.

When authorities arrived they came under attack from the teen who lunged at officers before he was shot, Commissioner Col Blanch confirmed.

Body camera footage captured the moments officers came under attack. WA Police say they attempted to use the "desired effect".

The 16-year-old attacker who was described as "radicalised" online, died a short time after he was taken to hospital.

A family member of a witness to the attack has told 6 News' partners WAMN News, that her brother-in-law was chased by a man with a long knife.

He then was a witness to another person being attacked.

“So after working out, he waited at the door for his friends to go together to another friend’s house across the street.”

“Then a man approached him, and when there were about 5 meters left, the man suddenly muttered something similar to “Allahu Akbar” and pulled out a long knife, chasing after my younger brother."

“My brother ran super fast at that moment. Seeing that he might not be able to catch my brother, the man turned back towards another group of people. He attacked someone."

WA Premier Roger Cook assured residents there was no ongoing threat to the Perth community, but did claim there were indicators the boy had been radicalised online.

"I want to reassure the community at this stage it appears that he acted solely and alone," he said.

"Members of the WA Muslim community, who were concerned by his behaviour, contacted police before the incident and I thank them for their help." "We are dealing with complex issues with this 16-year-old male — both mental health issues but also online radicalisation issues."

Cook confirmed that the boy's family was working with authorities.


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