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Restore Democracy Sack Dan Andrews Party founder becomes Victoria's first openly trans councillor

Tosh-Jake Finnigan has been elected via a VEC countback.

Tosh-Jake Finnigan, who founded the Restore Democracy Sack Dan Andrews Party, has been elected to the Colac Otway Shire Council via a Victorian Electoral Commission countback.

This means they are the first ever openly transgender councillor in Victoria's history.

The countback was conducted to fill a vacancy, with Finnigan recieving 6.65% of the vote when they ran back in 2020.

Pictured alongside council CEO Anne Howard, Finnigan was "excited to commence in the role," according to a statement on the council's Facebook page.

Finnigan founded the Sack Dan Andrews Party ahead of last year's state election, unsuccessfully running in the Western Victoria Region.

They told the Colac Herald they "first came out as non-binary when I was 21."

"I’m proud of who I am, but being trans and non-binary is just one aspect of who I am, and I don’t want to be a councillor who represents only the queer community, I want to be a councillor who represents everyone in the shire."

Finnigan's party, which received 0.83% of the total upper house vote in November, is currently still registered with the VEC.

6 News understands they will be recognised as an independent councillor, not with the party label.

The Australian Values Party has also had their first councillor elected via a countback in the City of Stonnington, with Joe Gianfriddo entering the council.

Gianfriddo ran in second position behind Wally Edwards on the party's North-Eastern Metropolitan Region ticket in November. The party is registered in Victoria as the Angry Victorians Party.

The only other form of representation the AVP has ever recieved is now-former MP Catherine Cumming, elected as a member of Derryn Hinch's Justice Party, in Victoria's parliament.

AVP's national leader Heston Russell recently stood down from the role.

Michael Glynatsis, independent in the City of Yarra, was also elected. He is associated with Independent Socialist Stephen Jolly, a fellow councillor and former Victorian Socialists member.

Glynatsis was Jolly's second preference at the 2020 local government elections. Bridgid O'Brien is the other independent socialist on the coucil.

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