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Scott Morrison named in alleged Twitter data breach of 400 million accounts

The former PM’s already-known APH email was listed by a supposed hacker.

Former Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been named in an alleged Twitter data breach that supposedly affects around 400 million users.

A person claiming to be the hacker said in an online forum that they are selling the data of users, naming several “celebrities” as those affected - including Morrison.

An email address linked to Morrison’s account, which has over 600,000 followers, is an Australian Parliament House (APH) address - not a personal email account.

That email address is already public and has been for years, meaning no sensitive private information relating to the ex-PM appears to have been leaked.

Only several weeks ago, the user records of more than 5 million Twitter users was reportedly exposed.

6 News cannot independently verify the claims made by the alleged hacker, while Nine is reporting the forum where the information was first posted is the same one used by the Optus hacker.

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