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The Victorian Liberals claim Dan Andrews has extended the State of Emergency - is that true?

The party has repeatedly said they will end lockdowns if elected in November.

A number of posts from the Victorian Liberals, including leader Matthew Guy, have claimed that Premier Dan Andrews has extended the State of Emergency amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

But while the basis of the claim is true - some of the details are not.

In fact, the State of Emergency - according to the DHS website - ended on December 15 last year.

What Dan Andrews extended was the state’s pandemic declaration, which was the subject of widespread debate late last year.

That extension is for an additional 3 months, coming into effect on July 12.

6 News found a number of posts from Matthew Guy making the claim on Facebook, Twitter & TikTok - while deputy leader David Southwick made the claim as well.

On Facebook & TikTok, Guy said that Andrews "just extended the state of emergency" - he didn't.

On Twitter, he also said that extention the state of emergency "is not a path to recovery," even though it wasn't extended.

A Liberal Party graphic said a Matthew Guy government would end the state of emergency, despite the fact it's already been ended.

Southwick also said the state of emergency was "never ending," even though it had ended.

While we’re not disputing the fact that there was an extension of the pandemic declaration, the claim that it was specifically the State of Emergency is incorrect.


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