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UAP candidate shares video of far-right extremist Blair Cottrell, claiming it's 'Shane Warne's son'

Conspiracies have spread online following the death of the cricketing legend.

A candidate for the United Australia Party has shared a video that purports to show Shane Warne's son - Jackson Warne - talking about vaccines & the mainstream media.

However, it's not his son - it's far-right extremist Blair Cottrell.

The 45-second clip - a cut-down version of the full video - was shared by Elvis Sinosic, a self-described "UAP endorsed candidate for Blaxland."

However, he wasn't the first one to do so - the clip was shared by dozens on social media before, incorrectly naming the man in the video as Jackson Warne.

Cotrell gained infamy in 2018 when he was interviewed on Sky News Australia in a one-on-one discussion about immigration.

The Sydney Morning Herald also reported this several years earlier, in 2015:

"In one Facebook post that included a photograph of Adolf Hitler, Mr Cottrell commented: "There should be a picture of this man in every classroom and every school, and his book should be issued to every student annually.""

"Mr Cottrell has also written regularly about Jews."

In the video, Cottrell says "a lot of of media bureaucrats actually believe the sh*t that they put across to the masses...because they've gone & got vaccinated."

In a longer version of the video - first published to his Telegram account & not shared by Sinosic - Cottrell also links the COVID-19 vaccine to Shane Warne's death.

"(Warne) was in Thailand...seeking some sort of cleanse or therapy, because ever since he'd been vaccinated, he'd had chest pains & health issues," Cotrell says.

In the video, Cottrell refers to Shane Warne by his full name - not as "my Dad," like Jackson Warne likely would.

The claim that Cottrell was Jackson Warne appeared to originate from a Facebook post with a false caption - not Sinosic, who said he was "Shane Warne's soon (sic)."

The original video was also shared to Cottrell's Gab account.

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