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Ungrouped senate candidate Max Dicks says he got over 2,500 votes: "I want YOU for Dicks Party"

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Dicks was one of 12 ungrouped candidates trying to win a Victorian senate seat.

Victorian senate candidate Max Dicks has released a statement on social media, thanking the 2,593 people who gave him their first preference at the federal election.

Dicks, one of 12 ungrouped senate candidates in the state, says a total of 5,871 people numbered him while voting at some stage.

"I came in in the top 35% of candidates (27th out of 79)."

"I was the 17th most voted for individual (below the line) and I outperformed a few very minor parties."

"All without taking any money from anyone else (it cost me about 15k)."

Unlike candidates running as part of a party or ones as part of an unnamed group, ungrouped candidates can only be voted for below the line.

In addition, they are usually all independents, with some exceptions - such as Raj Rajwin, who ran in the NT for the United Australia Party this year but did not have a running mate.

Glenn Floyd, Allen Ridgeway, James Bond, Neal Smith, Bernardine Atkinson, Paul Ross, Nat De Francesco, Joseph Toscano, Tara Tran, David John Dillon & Geraldine Marie Antoinette Gonsalvez also all ran as ungrouped Victorian independents.

Dicks says if he runs again, he will need a party.

All senate races have now been confirmed by the AEC.

The Coalition has 32 senators (23 for the Liberals, 5 for the LNP, 3 for the Nationals & 1 for the CLP) while Labor has 26, the Greens have 12, Jacqui Lambie Network & One Nation both have 2, while the United Australia Party & David Pocock party both have 1.

Read more on the senate results here.

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