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Zali Steggall & 3 'teal independent' candidates tell 6 News who they'd support in a hung parliament

Updated: May 29, 2022

Some Liberal MPs have pushed claims that their opponents are "fake independents."

Independent Warringah MP Zali Steggall, along with candidates Monique Ryan, Zoe Daniel & Allegra Spender have spoken to 6 News about who they may back in the event of a hung parliament after the May 21 federal election.

Steggall was elected in 2019 after defeating former PM Tony Abbott, and told 6 News that she would "deal with everything on its merits."

Meanwhile, Spender - who is running in Dave Sharma's seat of Wentworth - said she is open to working with both the Coalition & Labor.

Daniel, a former ABC journalist running in Tim Wilson's seat of Goldstein, said she has "no preconceived notion about who I would support in that situation."

Dr. Ryan spoke to 6 News earlier this year about her candidacy in the seat of Kooyong, currently held by Treasurer Josh Frydenberg.

She said it would be "inappropriate and ill-advised" to commit to anything at this point.

Despite strongly criticising the "teal independent" candidates previously, PM Scott Morrison has not ruled out working with them if they are elected.

In addition to the independent candidates, 6 News spoke with Greens candidate for Kooyong Piers Mitcham, who said that "unlike the independent, we are very express in that we would never return the Coalition to power...the independent takes a different position on that."

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