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Albanese & Bandt respond to MP's post saying voting Greens will keep Morrison in power

A number of Labor MPs rely on preferences from Greens voters to be elected.

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese has responded to a post from MP Terri Butler that suggests voting for The Greens will keep PM Scott Morrison in power.

The image shared by Ms Butler says that if you vote for the Greens or the LNP, 'Labor doesnt (sic) win 76 seats' and Morrison will ultimately stay as PM.

However, polls predict there will be a hung parliament this election - meaning neither party would have 76 seats - and Labor may end up forming government with the support of The Greens, independents & other crossbenchers.

Today, Mr Albanese was asked by a reporter about Ms Butler's post.

"Do you accept that that's simply not true?"

"Why would I accept that's not true?" he responded.

"The Greens formed a government in Tasmania with the Liberals."

"And I want Terri Butler re-elected because she as environment minister will do more for the environment than any Green sitting next to keep Adam Bandt company ever will."

In 1996, the Greens did enter into an agreement with the Liberals - but only after Labor leader Michael Field refused to go back on his word to only govern in majority.

In fact, Liberal Premier Ray Groom had also promised to only govern in majority - and was replaced by Tony Rundle.

The post from Butler was also accompanied with a caption that said in part:

"The only way to change the government & get rid of Scott Morrison is to vote Labor."

However (as an example), there are a number of key Liberal seats predicted to go to independents this election.

This, of course, would lead to the Coalition government losing its majority & then likely lead to a change in government.

In 2010, Labor was re-elected as a minority government - with then-PM Julia Gillard securing an alliance with independents Rob Oakeshott, Tony Windsor, Andrew Wilkie (who is still on the crossbench) & now-Greens leader Adam Bandt.

In addition, The Greens are in a coalition government with Labor in the ACT.

In a statement released today, Bandt confirmed his party would not support a minority Liberal government.

"I’ve been saying every single day that the Greens will kick the Liberals out, but Labor’s clearly getting desperate in seats like Griffith, Richmond and Macnamara."

"People can safely vote Greens to kick this rotten government out, because the Greens won’t support a Liberal government and we’re preferencing Labor ahead of the Liberals across the country."

"It’s disappointing that Labor is now misleading people, but I think people can see it for the desperate nonsense it is."

Bandt spoke to 6 News earlier this year & responded to claims his party is more focused on attacking Labor compared to the Liberals & Nationals.

Watch Anthony Albanese's full comments here.

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