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Australian brothers killed in Mexico may have been shot by thieves

Three bodies have reportedly been found in Mexico where two Perth brothers and their American friend while on a surfing trip.


Jack and Callum Robinson failed to check into their accommodation in Rosarito five days ago, and haven't been in contact with family in Australia since Saturday last week.

It’s believed the brothers were on a camping and surfing expedition in the Baja California region with an American friend, Jack Carter Rhoad.

Mexican authorities say they believe the group were shot dead by thieves who were trying to steal their car for its tyres.

The ABC reports that local authorities are working on the early theory is that the men were killed in a robbery gone wrong, saying it appears the attackers were passing through the area when they decided to steal the campers' ute, which they wanted for its tyres, and they shot the three men when they resisted.

Local authorities commenced search and rescue efforts. On Saturday it was reported by Reuters that authorities had found three bodies near a cliff in Northern Mexico. The location is believed to be around 2km from their campsite.

Family and friends of the brothers from Australia have been pleading for assistance via social media, which sparked Mexican authorities to get involved.


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