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Every party's stance on the Voice to Parliament - and those who have split on the issue

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

The Liberal Party has seen division over its 'No' stance, while nearly all of Labor - current and former - is in support.

As the referendum on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament approaches, more and more parties are making their stances clear.

The main party in support is Labor, while the Liberals are formally opposed - however, several MPs and former MPs have split from that position.

See below for a complete up-to-date list on who's saying Yes and who's saying No.

Supporting the Voice to Parliament

Animal Justice

Australian Democrats


David Pocock

Drew Pavlou Democratic Alliance



Jacqui Lambie Network

Kim for Canberra



Socialist Alliance

The Greens



Kate Chaney

Zoe Daniel

Andrew Gee

Helen Haines

Monique Ryan

Sophie Scamps

Allegra Spender

Zali Steggall

Kylea Tink

Andrew Wilkie

Opposing the Voice to Parliament

Australian Christians

Australian Communist

Australians United

Democratic Labour

Family First


Katter's Australian

Liberal (more details here)

Liberal Democrats

Nationals (more details here)

One Nation

Socialist Equality

The Conservative Party

United Australia

Western Australia


Lidia Thorpe

Unknown, undecided, ambiguous or neutral

Centre Alliance

Dai Le and Frank Carbone Network

Informed Medical Options

Liberal National (more details here)

Victorian Socialists


Derryn Hinch's Justice Party (Derryn Hinch is voting No but party members have conscious vote, party has since dissolved)


The four Coalition parties have different stances state-by-state, and in addition, current and former Liberals have chosen to go against the party's formal 'No' stance.

Coalition: Supporting the Voice

Bridget Archer (Liberal MP)

Peter Baume (former Indigenous Australians Minister)

Andrew Bragg (Liberal senator)

Fred Chaney (left party in 1995, former Indigenous Australians Minister)

Mia Davies (WA Nationals MP, former WA Opposition Leader)

Pat Farmer (former Liberal MP)

Andrew Gee (Independent MP, quit Nationals)

John Hewson (former Liberal leader)

Julian Leeser (Liberal MP, quit role as Shadow Indigenous Australians Minister)

Fiona Martin (former Liberal MP)

Libby Mettam (WA Liberal leader)

Mark Parton (Canberra Liberals MP)

Dominic Perrottet (NSW Liberal MP, former NSW Premier)

Jeremy Rockliff (Tasmanian Premier)

Malcolm Turnbull (former Prime Minister)

Ian Viner (former Indigenous Australians Minister)

Ken Wyatt (quit party, former Indigenous Australians Minister)

NSW Nationals

Coalition: Unknown, undecided, ambiguous or neutral

David Crisafulli (Qld Opposition Leader)

Warren Entsch (LNP MP)

John Pesutto (Vic Opposition Leader)


Within Labor, no MPs at any level are against the Voice, and only handful of former Labor MPs have confirmed they are voting No.

Labor: Against the Voice

Gary Johns (former Labor MP)

Graham Richardson (former Labor senator)


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