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Projects delayed and subsidies axed: the ins-and-outs of the 2024 Victorian State Budget

Treasurer Tim Pallas unveiled his 10th state budget on Tuesday afternoon in parliament


The Victorian government has delayed the Melbourne Airport Rail Link by at least four years, aiming to be more fiscally responsible.

Treasurer Tim Pallas unveiled the state budget, and his 10th, yesterday afternoon in parliament. He says the budget will help families with continued investments in education, healthcare, road and rail.

Net debt is now forecast to hit $187.8 billion by 2027-28, while a surplus of $1.5 billion is projected by 2025-26.

In addition to the airport rail delay, a level crossing removal project for the Upfield train line in Melbourne's inner north has been pushed back until at least 2030. However, more than $990 has been set aside for the West Gate Tunnel and Metro Tunnel rail project.

The Australian-first sick pay guarantee has also been axed, with Pallas saying initiatives introduced during COVID are "no longer needed as we move into a new phase".


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