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Queensland Labor MP allegedly drugged and sexually assaulted

A Queensland Labor MP has alleged she was drugged and sexually assaulted while on a night out.

Brittany Lauga, the assistant minister for health and member for Keppel, says she went to the police in the early hours of Sunday morning and in the hospital tested positive for drugs she says she did not take.

In a statement to Instagram, the Member for Keppel said, "this could have happened to anyone and tragically, it does happen to many of us."

She also says she did not, at the time, know about the existence of a grainy video appearing to show her with a man.

6 News is aware of the existence of the video NewsCorp reports that Ms Lauga engaged lawyers and asked media outlets to destroy the video, however not all have complied while the investigation plays out.

Premier Steven Miles said the government is supporting Lauga. "My sole focus is on Brittany and her wellbeing. I've told Brittany that we're here to support her, whatever she needs."

"No one should have to go through what Brittany is going through," he added.

No charges have yet been laid.


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