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VOTE NOW: 6 News election poll gives you more choices than ever before

The results will be aired on Sunday, May 15, right here on 6 News.

With more & more people saying they’ll be backing a minor party or independent candidate this election, 6 News is proud to announce a new viewer poll just about that.

Instead of two-party preferred, we’ll be bringing you more options, including The Greens, the UAP, One Nation, TNL & others - plus you’ll have the ability to even add another option if the ones we listed aren’t your cup of tea.

Preferences matter too, and that’s why we also want to know who you’ll be putting last on your House of Representatives ballot.

There’s no doubt the leaders are also a deciding factor in who people vote for, and while we will ask whether you prefer Scott Morrison or Anthony Albanese - we’ll also have the option to say ‘neither,’ and even let you list someone else you’d prefer in the top job.

And finally, we want to hear your election predictions - not necessarily who you want to win, but who you THINK will win.

The poll will close on Friday night & we’ll reveal the results 2 on Sunday, May 15, at 8pm AEST.

We also want to make it clear that results are completely anonymous.

You can vote in the poll right now by clicking here.

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