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Why are COVID-19 cases breaking records across Europe?

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

The fourth wave is leading to some experts sounding the alarm about what to expect over Winter.

The World Health Organisation has warned that a further 700,000 people could die of COVID-19 by March 2022 in Europe and parts of Asia,

According to the BBC, the death toll has already passed 1.5 million in the more than 50 countries listed as part of what the WHO labels as its 'Europe region.'

COVID-19 cases have been rising in almost all countries in the continent, prompting restrictions to return in some nations, including Austria - where a total lockdown has recently come into effect.

Germany has now passed the 100,000 death milestone, while the French Government says the situation is "deteriorating."

Greece, Slovakia & Ireland have all recently introduced new measures aimed at stopping the spread of the virus - many of which are targeted at unvaccinated people.

According to Euronews, around 60% of people in Western Europe are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, but only about half as many are vaccinated in Eastern Europe.

Experts say some skepticism may have its roots in the 20th century.

The communist rule of the Soviet Union is thought to have eroded trust in state institutions, and left healthcare systems underdeveloped.

It's feared that with Winter just days away, cases & deaths will rise even further than what's been seen in previous months.

Watch our full report here.

(Originally aired here on November 7, 2021)


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