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Has Scott Morrison gone skiing in Aspen? Rumour trends on Twitter but evidence is lacking

It's not the first time unsubstantiated claims about the PM have spread online.

A rumour circulating on social media has claimed that Prime Minister Scott Morrison has left (or did leave) the country - heading on a skiing trip to Aspen, Colorado.

We've found just some examples of people questioning the rumour here, here, here & here.

The word 'Aspen' even trended in the number 1 spot on Twitter earlier today.

Here's what we know:

The basics

While we're not sure who exactly came up with the rumour, we've been able to find the basics of the claim - and here they are:

  • Morrison is skiing in Aspen

  • Media mogul Kerry Stokes is involved - or, at the very minimum, his private jet is

Those details are extremely vague, but that's what we've been able to find.

The supposed involvement of Stokes hasn't exactly come out of thin air - in late April 2020, Stokes & wife Christine Simpson were granted quarantine within their own home - instead of in a hotel.

It was unclear why Simpson was also given an exemption at the time, but came after the couple returned from a skiing trip in Colorado.

But that was April 2020 - not December 2021.

Today's press conference

The biggest clue that the PM isn't in Aspen is that he held a press conference today - not from a skiing resort, but from Kirribilli House in NSW.

That has birthed some claims he WAS in Aspen, but like the original rumour, it's without any evidence.

There, he announced a national cabinet meeting for tomorrow as COVID-19 cases continue to rise nationwide, but said the Federal Government is "meeting its responsibilities" when it comes to tackling the virus & the Omicron variant.

Reports indicate that the cabinet will potentially redefine the definition of a "close contact" and discuss pressure on hospitals & the demand for tests.

So where has he been?

The press conference has raised some questions - where has the PM been before today?

According to an article from The Guardian that was published on December 24, both Morrison & Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese are both spending Christmas in Sydney.

"The prime minister would face political risks if seen to clock off during a crisis, evoking memories of his Hawaii holiday during the bushfires two years ago."

“The PM has publicly referred to taking some time off in the new year – when that is confirmed we will advise,” a spokesperson for the PM said, according to the article.

It's not the first time unsubstantiated claims about the PM have spread online.

In November, he was accused of deleting a “fake pic” of his cooking curry, after it was revealed that is was an image he’d posted before - that was false.

And earlier this month, an image that was captioned as a picture of him when he was younger also made the rounds online - despite being nothing more than an old meme.


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