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Katherine sent into lockdown & Darwin sent into a lockout after first local COVID-19 case in the NT

It's the first time a 'lockout' has been implemented in the Territory.

The Northern Territory has recorded its first ever case of community transmission, sending the Katherine region into a 3-day lockdown.

Chief Minister Michael Gunner made the announcement at around 10pm ACST last night, saying an unvaccinated man in his 20s tested positive for COVID-19.

The lockdown came into effect at 12.01am local time last night, with Katherine residents only allowed to leave their home for essential regions.

However, Greater Darwin, Palmerston and the rural area have been placed under a 'lockout' - where fully vaccinated people can continue life as normal while also wearing a mask outside, but unvaccinated people are subject to full lockdown restrictions.

During his press conference, Gunner said that "the man has not travelled outside of the Territory recently - that means he caught the virus inside the Territory."

"We don't know where and we don't know when, but this is community transmission."

Authorities have urged people to get tested if they have symptoms & to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

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